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|×7×|[Thu, 19 Jan 17 12:56:00 -0200]⬈g7 ⬊⭑ Displaying results 1 - 30 of 200 matches (0.02 seconds) 1. [100.00%] 6CLC0 98.50 GE IEC MC/TL Contactors 0 2 MACN202AT 6CKY8 27.55 0.26 to 0.43 MT03C 6CLC1 98.50 GE IEC MC/TL Contactors 1 1 MACN211AT 6CKY9 27.55 0.4 to 0.65 MT03D 6CLC2 98.50 GE IEC MC/TL Contactors 1 3 MACN413AT 6CKZ0 49.40 Thermal 0.65 to 1 6.8kb 2. [100.00%] Coils For Standard Contactors* For 50 to 60A DP Contactors 24VAC; 120VAC; 208 to 240VAC; 277VAC; 480VAC Square D 9998DA2 H3829  116.15 For 75 to 90A DP Contactors 24VAC; 120VAC; 208 to 240VAC; 480VAC Square D 9998DA3 H3830  91.45 For 20 4.7kb 3. [91.81%] For 3RT1, S0-S12 Frame Contactors 3RH19211EA11 13A145 34.35 1NO/1NC Auxiliary Contacts, 600VAC Side Mounting For 3RT2, S00 Frame Contactors 3RH29111DA11 13A135 41.65 1NO/1NC Auxiliary Contacts, 600VAC Side Mounting For 3RT2, S0 Frame 6.1kb 4. [49.71%] Use With T170, T1400, T1800 Timers 11Z965 1 6.92 For Use With T7400, T7800, T51000 Timers 11Z966 7 22.71 Replacement Motors 125V, For Use With T1900, T8800, and R8800 Series Timers 1PNJ8 1 19.46 125V, For Use With T100, T170, T180, T100R201, 5.2kb 5. [49.71%] Timers Spring-Wound Mechanical Timers ▪ 20A inductive/7A tungsten 1 HP at 125V, No. No. 10A 2 HP at 250V, 10A at 277V 6X546 1XC25 Models with Hold feature have option for continuous On. Timing mechanism has all-metal gears. Timers mount 6.2kb 6. [45.61%] only. No. No. Countdown Timer 9JXT0 8DJV5 ▪ 10-key input pad ▪ Min. and sec. timing functions ▪ 99 min. 59 sec. max. Features 1.2"H LCD, and beeps when zero is reached. Includes magnet and stand. Mfr. Item $ Model No. Each 5820 2DBE9 5.3kb 7. [45.61%] Timers Electronic 24-Hr. and 7-Day Timers ▪ Steel enclosures ▪ Backup maintains program and time ▪ Enclosures have lock hasp ▪ Dim.: 7 3⁄4"L x 5"W x 3"D indoor; 9 3⁄8"L x 5 1⁄2"W x 3 5⁄8"D outdoor ▪ Operating temp. 5.1kb 8. [41.52%] Pivot, Thermostat, 7-Hr. Timer 1500/900 24 15⁄16" 6 1⁄2" 16 11⁄16" Black/Silver 2 Plus Auto ETL Air King 6DMH6  168.75 J Digital Ceramic Tower, Oscillating, Safety Tip-Over Switch, 12-Hr. Timer, Remote Control 1500/900 16 7⁄8" 7 1⁄2" 5.9kb 9. [37.43%] L Held Type S Held Type LX Contactors and Enclosures ▪ 60/50 Hz, 600VAC max. open holding-circuit contact for 3-wire ▪ Rated in accordance with control is provided as standard. UL Multipole Lighting Contactors NEMA standards Listed and CSA 5.3kb 10. [37.43%] with display have digital timer control and include clean instruments, parts, equipment, and other items. Size and a removable basket. Nos. 32V116 and 32V117 also include heating choices are available for a wide variety of uses—on lenses a 6.2kb 11. [33.33%] ELECTRICAL Counters, Timers & Meters No. 32J108 No. 32J126 No. 32J122 Autonics Panel Mount Counters and Timers Designed with front key or rear terminal reset. Programmable models also operate with dry contact or 5 to 30VDC input. No. of Input Fits 4.3kb 12. [33.33%] Timers No. 11N738 No. 2YMU7 No. 2YMV8 No. 4JNL2 No. 4JNL3 No. 4JNL5 No. 6WPA0 No. 4JNK8 No. 2YMV7 No. 6PFY4 No. 23YU28 No. 23YU30 No. 23YU26 No. 23YU31 No. 6PFY5 Plug-In Timers Compact Timers plug into standard receptacle. Include manual 4.6kb 13. [33.33%] Spacing No. Item Each $ Timers and Sensor Pop-Up Spray Heads with Nozzles, 1⁄2" Inlet, (ft.) Description NPT Connection No. (Cont.) Each Sprinkler Timer, 6 Stations — 14U333 268.50 2 1⁄2" Sure Pop Full Circle 12 to 15 5Z290 4.89 9.2kb 14. [33.33%] Motor Starters & Contactors TeSys N Motor Starters and Contactors ▪ 3-Pole ▪ Contactors have NEMA sizes printed on face Starters and Contactors provide high reliability with long mechanical and electrical life. Feature space-saving 4.5kb 15. [28.65%] ELECTRICAL Timers No. 6X765 No. 5X410 No. 3FWZ1 No. 1JLF9 No. 3FWZ4 No. 3FWZ6 No. 11X334 No. 11X337 No. 5DXW7 No. 4JNN2 No. 2YMV5 No. 4JNK2 No. 4JNK5 No. 23NX05 No. 4YPF9 No. 24WH46 No. 24WH47 Wall Switch Timers Compact Timers replace standard wall 3.7kb 16. [28.65%] INSTRUMENTS Timers & Air Monitors Traceable Digital Timers ▪ Min. time setting: 0.1 sec. D.—Extra-loud alarm on each channel is perfect ▪ All include Traceable to NIST certificate for use in high noise areas. 100-dB alarm on each 5.1kb 17. [24.56%] Mounting Bracket for 50A Contactors 9999BLX 2BZ89 48.15 Isolated Overload Relay Alarm Contact 9999SO4 3KK15  156.25 * See page 315 for codes. † Not available in 208/240VAC. ‡ Not available in 24VAC. Eaton Enclosed Definite Purpose 6.2kb 18. [24.56%] Steel Tank, 30-min. Timer 2 Twin Baskets,Large Stainless Steel Single Basket with Removable Heavy-Duty Single Well Electric Fryer 15 lb. 208 Waring 6DVZ8  691.50 Handle,Night Cover,Removable Stainless Steel Tank, 30-min. Timer 2 Twin 6.2kb 19. [24.56%] cover. No. 5DPL3 Mechanical timer. DuraTap Motorized Sieve Shakers— Made with rugged steel and alloy No. 21TY48 No. materials. Each shaker accommodates 6 21TY51 full-height, or 13 half-height sieves, plus pan and cover. Digital timer. 5.1kb 20. [24.56%] Key Pad Controls & Timer 2 Speed Blender w/Timer and Wave Action 48 oz. 1 6 Hamilton Beach 16W501  603.00 2 Speed Blender w/Self-Timer Blender 2 Speed Blender w/Toggle Switch Control 48 Oz 1⁄2 3 64 Oz 1 1⁄2 7 1⁄2 Waring Waring 6.4kb 21. [24.56%] ELECTRICAL Motor Starters & Contactors HP @ HP @ NEMA Amps ▶CHOOSE: 3-Phase 3-Phase Mfr. Item $ Size AC Coil Volts 230V 460V W H D Model No. Each Contactors, Open 0 18 3 5 3.94 4.5 3.1 CR305B00 H2444  445.25 1 27 7 1⁄2 10 3.94 4.5 3.1 CR305C00 5.8kb 22. [20.47%] table or wall. No. 4NCT9 has Timers cast-aluminum construction and 10 cutting wires. Item $ ▪ ETL Listed and NSF Certified Description No. Each Item $ Chef's Timer/Stopwatch 14F313 7.64 Nonstick coating. For large and wider cuts up Description 4.1kb 23. [20.47%] Lab Blender with Mechanical Timer 18,000 to 22,000 rpm 0.4 Glass 7010G 45H253  516.50 2-Speed Lab Blender with Mechanical Timer 18,000 to 22,000 rpm 0.4 Stainless Steel 7010S 45H251  637.00 Variable Speed Lab Blender 1000 to 22,000 rpm 0.4 Glass 6.4kb 24. [20.47%] with an order. Latching Timer Assistance with Locked Doors". FuelCall System No. 11U406 enables drivers Kit features cast-aluminum plate, illuminated message plate, and OrderAssist System No. 11U405 enables people with disabilities to 5.6kb 25. [20.47%] No. Residential Defrost Timers 2FBY5 Direct replacements for defrost Timers in household refrig- No. 11Z778 erators and freezers. 120VAC. Refrigeration Defrost Thermostats Max. Moisture-resistant thermostats can be used as exact OEM replace- 7.5kb 26. [20.47%] Motor Starters & Contactors Nonreversing Reversing NEMA Contactors ▪Eaton Freedom Series NEMA Contactor ▪3-pole, 600 VAC ▪Enclosures not included UL Listed and CSA Certified. NONREVERSING REVERSING NEMA Full Load ▶CHOOSE: Mfr. 4.2kb 27. [20.47%] Shaker with 15 Min. Manual Timer 110 VAC 140000 6EXK0  4,299.00 The Classic Twin Arm Electric Shaker with 1 hr. Manual Timer 110 VAC 14000H 6EXK1  4,299.00 The Classic Twin Arm Explosion Proof Shaker, Class 1, Div. D Hazardous Locations 110 VAC 3.9kb 28. [20.47%] — PAXH0000 13D022  655.50 Timer Clock/Timer 85 to 250VAC Programmable 6 12VDC PAXTM000 13D050  349.00 85 to 250VAC Programmable 6 12VDC PAXCK000 13D016  436.00 18 to 36VDC/24VAC Programmable 6 12VDC PAXTM010 13D051  408.00 18 to 36VDC/24VAC 7.3kb 29. [20.47%] of water to newly Mechanical Timer—On/Off cycles can be set in increments up to 2 hr.; no batter- planted trees. GHT connection. ies or electricity required. Treegator Watering Bags—Slow-release water bags provide an efficient Electronic 4.8kb 30. [16.37%] Programmable Relays ▪ 56 timers and 17 counters calendar timers, flexible mounting expansion via 8-point I/O ▪ LCD with calendar and clock units, twin-timer operation, and multilanguage display. DC Provide relay, timer, counter, and time 6.0kb Result page: 1 2 Next [Thursday 19th of January 2017 12:56:00 PM]


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